Team Construction

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Elements of Successful Team Construction

How to work better in a Team ?


Basic definition of Teamwork

When people are born, they have the need to live and work with others. The first basic team they are the family group . People in your family help and teach you which is teamwork. Children start playing soccer and baseball at four or five and enjoy other team sports. From that moment, they already are part of  a team .

Schools teach and put us in many different teams such as debate teams, math teams, project teams and study teams. When people grow up and hold a job, they also work in teams.  Therefore, the team is a group of people who work together independently or cooperatively for the same goal or same purpose. In teams, you share your work with others and also help them in their work . You don’t have to work alone and don’t need to carry all work . That will make the process of working become quicker and better than you work just by your own .


Factors affect to process working in Team

Working in team mean everybody connect with each other, knowing goal clearly, trying together to get it. The process of a team become good or bad depend on two factors: members and leader. All members of a team should know more about each other such as their ability , what they good at and bad at. For example , in a project of making films, someone may be good at soundtrack,theme songs but he/she does not know a lot about editing video ( it can be other’s strength in that team ). So he can ask for the person who good at editing to learn more and also teach others about music.

People in that team can understand their work and help each other. Knowing about strengths and weaknesses of each member will help the process of working team become better. Relationships in the team are also important because everybody on the same board so they should feel comfortable when to work together. In addition, the leader also has important effects on his/her team. The leader is the person who helps members connect with each other, show them team’s goal, make plans for the team. The leader should be the person who everyone believes in whenever to give a decision and makes a plan .


Tips for become a better leader

So, how to become a better leader? What should be improved?

Leaders are not born, they are made. Nobody can become a perfect leader without improving. Leadership skills can be learned when working in the team. Leader help members connect and members can also help leader not only improve their leadership skills but leaders also can learn more others skills from members. Furthermore, listen is an important skill that every leader should have. The leader should listen to everyone such as their ideas, what they want and their advice. After listen, the leader will find out what to do and what their team should focus on and have the better plan for work.

Some characteristics leader should have like honest , creative , confident or intelligent … That will help him/her self-improve other skills quickly and also help team members work effectively . Leader know how to encourage people , make them feel comfortable when they work , show everyone his/her passion .

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